Myriam Guignard

Weight loss: 45.4kg (7.1 stones)

When I went to see Karine for the first time, I thought I knew what it meant to eat healthy. Karine was very patient with me. She taught me everything and she personalized her approach by considering the person that I am and my history of eating disorder. I would have never succeeded without her.

I felt that Karine believed in me even before I believed in myself. For a year, I was stuck with the same weight. After feeling hopeless, I lost an extra 50 pounds with her help. She saw me going through an emotional rollercoaster, but she stayed there by my side and, to this day, she remains a source of inspiration to me. Karine is not only an excellent and passionate dietitian-nutritionist; she is an exceptional woman who will make you believe in your inner potential. Thanks for everything you did for me and everything you still do for me.

Karyne Doiron

Weight loss: 21.8kg (3.4 stones)

I’m someone who tends to eat my emotions. I saw that I would not have been able to do well without Karine’s good advice and health tips.

She is always attentive and available. She became my motivation in life. Always positive, she never let me demotivate myself and she always pushed me to go further. I do not diet, I eat what I want in reasonable quantities and according to the energy I spend. It has now become a lifelong habit. Karine was always there to guide me through my choices. She also encouraged me to get in shape and to see a personal trainer. She encouraged me to run with her and she even participated with me at my first 5km. I lost 48 lbs in 6 months and I feel so good about myself and that’s mainly due to my dietitian-nutritionist. Thank you Karine!

Martin Gingras

Weight loss: 43.1 kg (6.8 stones)

In spring 2019, after my knee surgery, I decided to lose weight. So I called on Karine to guide me on this adventure. Karine was very helpful. By following her good advice, I have managed to lose 95 pounds in a year and have maintained myself ever since.

Karine guided me so that I changed my diet to a healthy and balanced one without having to deprive myself. It also helped me manage other health issues like eliminating heartburn, asthma, headaches and my lactose intolerance.

Martine Phaneuf

Weight loss: 10kg (1.6 stones)

I lost 10kg over 3 months while exercising 4 times a week. This was achieved through a healthy lifestyle and eating habits. I didn’t diet, I learned how to balance out my portions according to my body’s needs, it was simple, fun and didn’t feel like I was on a diet!

Thank you Karine!

Daniel Colette

Weight loss: 24kg (3.8 stones)

What motivated me at first is that I did not feel good about myself, I was short of breath, I was often tired, I lacked energy and I did not like what I saw in the mirror. I had chronic knee pain and back pain. I knew this was caused by poor physical condition. I got up one morning and I thought enough is enough! We must do something and now! Right from the beginning I saw progress and made changes that I thought would be impossible or difficult to accomplish. The constant support of my dietitian-nutritionist and personal trainer was my biggest motivation. Without them, I do not think I could have been here today. My job was easy, I just had to do what they tell me, whereas they had to deal with my mood swings and find ways to keep me motivated.

This transformation brought confidence in myself. I feel like I’m at least 15 years younger now. I feel very good about myself,  I have a lot of energy and things are now easier to do. It has really changed my life. My life is more enjoyable, I learned to incorporate physical activity and healthy eating habits into my daily life. What was a rather difficult task before is now my lifestyle and I cannot live without it.  Thanks to Karine and Claudia to have believed in me and for pushing me beyond my limits!




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