Erin Adams

Dietitian, Eating Disorders Specialist, BSc. Human Nutrition, MSt. Dietetics 

Hello! I’m Erin, a Specialist Mental Health Dietitian. I’m passionate about helping people improve their relationship with their bodies and their confidence with food. Whether it’s helping you find a meal structure that fits your life, incorporating food that makes you feel good, or helping get your lab results back within a healthy range, I support you to determine goals that suit you and your life.  

My focus over the past few years has been in eating disorders and mental health. I have experience working in inpatient and community eating disorder services covering anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa and EDNOS.  

In addition to my focus on eating disorders and mental health, I have gained significant experience in the areas of weight management and IBS. Having worked as a primary care dietitian across the United Kingdom and New Zealand I have supported people both struggling with their weight and those pursuing weight loss surgery.  

I am also experienced in providing support for IBS symptoms. and coaching through the low FODMAP diet.  

I’m from Wellington, New Zealand and recently spent 2 years living in London. I have experience in children’s, men’s and women’s mental health and general practice nutrition focusing on weight management and IBS support.  


  • BSc in Human Nutrition
  • Master of Dietetics

Erin’s Specialities:   

  • Weight Management   
  • Eating Disorders   
  • IBS 
  • High Cholesterol   
  • Type 2 Diabetes   
  • Binge Eating   
  • Depression & Anxiety

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