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We provide a 1:1 online nutritionist consultation from the comfort of your home. Wherever you are, you can speak to one of our online dietitian & nutritionist. Alternatively, if you prefer face-to-face appointment, have a look at our locations to find the closest clinic to you.

Online Consultation

Online Consultation

No matter where you are all our services are available online over video or telephone at your own convenience.

online dietitian consultation

Dietitian Support

All consultations are conducted by dietitians – the most qualified nutrition experts. You can have complete confidence in the recommendations our online dietitians make.

Online nutritionist and dietitian


Our online nutritionists are committed to providing the best science-based information possible. We only advise you with the most up-to-date available evidence for you to achieve effective results.

Online nutritionist and dietitian advice

Personalised Advice

You will never feel like a number in a huge, indifferent system. Our approach is entirely personalised to you.

How does it work?

Our remote consultations are done over Zoom, through our secure GDPR compliant software. Before your appointment, you will be sent a pre-assessment questionnaire to fill out to find out more about you and your goals. This will save time during your consultation and help your dietitian to come up with the best plan for you to achieve your goals. A complete nutritional assessment will be done over a 1 hour video call with your allocated online nutritionist / dietitian. After the initial consultation, you will receive a detailed food guide and a nutritional recommendation report with objectives to reach. All documentation will be shared to you directly in your secure account. Follow-up sessions are scheduled in advance when you have a package and specific targets to reach or when needed at your own convenience.

Will you get the same service as a face-to-face appointment?

The quality of the consultations online is the same as being face-to-face and the results achieved are exactly the same. The consultations are extremely productive and rewarding. Online consultations allow you to save time and money spent commuting and speak with your online nutritionist from the comfort of your home or wherever you are. The visual contact allows the dietitian to show you everything they would as if you were seen in person.

Which online nutritionist / dietitian should you choose?

Our team of online dietitians is one of the most impressive you will find anywhere. We have proven ourselves in the fields of diet and nutrition, including sports nutrition, gut health, weight management, vegan diets, eating disorders and more.

Each dietitian has been chosen by us for their outstanding qualifications, their first-class communication skills, their exceptional expertise and personalised approach. Whichever member of our team you choose to work with you will find them attentive and professional right from the get-go.

Have a look at our meet the team page to find out about each dietitian’s specialities. We cover all types of services related to nutrition, you can find our list of services below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone can benefit from an online nutrition consultation. They are designed to fit perfectly into your busy lives without the need to disrupt your schedule too much. As long as you have a stable wifi connection and a device that you can access zoom on, you can join one of our expert dietitians for a 1:1 consultation.

Evidence-based nutrition is using peer-reviewed studies and clinical experience to offer the best possible nutrition advice. It is all about having scientifically proven evidence that something works (or helps) in relation to achieving a pre-determined goal. With lots of contradicting nutritional advice out there, evidence-based nutrition is the most relevant as it has been proven to be effective multiple times – it is not something that only worked a few times.

You do not need to prepare anything before the start of your consultation other than the pre-assessment questionnaire that will be sent to you once you have made a booking. Other than this, you just need to be ready to talk about your goals, your current diet, and anything else you might want to discuss with your nutritionist/dietitian. It does always help though if you are open, willing, and prepared to work with your nutritionist in order to help reach your goals. Be honest and positive!

The term diet has changed quite significantly from its popular past definition. While weight loss is still a common goal, online nutrition consultations aren’t about telling you to reduce your calorie intake. They are about working together to come up with a structured, balanced, realistic, and effective nutrition plan that you can follow in order to help you reach your goals. You might be advised to try and reduce certain food groups and increase others, but you definitely won’t be told to go on an old fashioned diet!




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