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1:1 consultation with a PCOS registered dietitian specialist. We can see you in-person from one of our offices or over video.

Our PCOS dietitian can help you manage your PCOS symptoms, lose weight efficiently, help increase your chances of getting pregnant, improve the condition of your skin, and much more!

Each initial consultation is 1 hour, during this time, we will give you advice, and guidance so you know where to start and feel more confident immediately. We will also provide a written recommendation report and a bespoke meal guide if needed to make sure you reach your health goals efficiently.

What does a PCOS nutritionist do?

  • A PCOS dietitian can help you understand the root cause of your PCOS and ultimately reverse your symptoms through guided eating habits and lifestyle changes.
  • A detailed assessment of your lifestyle will be completed, to be able to provide guidance on what changes can be made to manage your PCOS symptoms.
  • A PCOS nutritionist can devise a personalised meal plan based on your lifestyle to help you reach your health goal (weight loss, getting pregnant, better skin health, etc.).
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How our PCOS dietitian can help you?

  • Effective Weight Loss: Our PCOS nutritionist can help you manage PCOS symptoms by losing weight in a healthy way. We take into account your requirements, and can design a personalised report based on your symptoms and areas that you struggle with the most.
  • Fertility: Making the right changes to enhance regular ovulation can significantly boost your odds of getting pregnant symptoms 
  • Acne & Skin Health: A tailored diet can significantly improve the condition of your skin 
  • Manage blood sugar levels: Managing your symptoms through an appropriate diet & lifestyle can reverse your diabetes or insulin resistance. 
  • Regulate your menstrual cycle: Our specialists can ensure that you are following a tailored plan that is suitable to optimise your nutrition.
  • Possible need for supplementation can be reviewed, based on your needs and goals. This can also depend on your current diet and if you follow certain diets, such as veganism.

All about PCOS condition

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a common hormonal condition that affects the ovaries of a woman.

  • Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is an endocrine condition that can impact how well the ovaries work. It can affect around 10% women in the UK.
  • Many females at birth will have a large number of follicles (or cysts) on the ovaries, which are harmless. These develop over time, before releasing an egg during ovulation. With PCOS, it is difficult for the sacs to release the eggs, impacting ovulation.

Common symptoms of PCOS

  • Irregular/absence of periods
  • Fertility issues 
  • Acne
  • Inflamed/oily skin
  • Hair loss
  • Excess body or facial hair
  •  Weight gain or difficulty to lose weight 

How to diagnose PCOS?

If you have two of the following symptoms, you may be diagnosed with PCOS.

  • Irregular or infrequent periods, indicating that the ovaries are not regularly releasing eggs (known as ovulation)
  • High levels of androgen hormones, known as hyperandrogenaemia. These are a higher level of ‘male’ hormones in the body such as testosterone, which can lead to excess facial/body hair as a symptom.
  • The presence of polycystic ovaries, which are follicles found on the ovaries

    Test for PCOS

    • A blood test is usually carried out, to measure hormone levels such as the androgen hormones.
    • An ultrasound is also completed, which can show the presence of follicles on the ovaries. These follicles are the sacs in which eggs develop.

      Our PCOS Specialists

      Registered Dietitian

      Women's Health Specialist, PCOS, Fertility, Endometriosis & Pregnancy

      Registered Dietitian, BSc, MSc

      Emotional eating, Chronic Disease & PCOS Specialist

      Registered Dietitian, BSc, MSc

      Weight Management, PCOS, IBS, Kidney Disease & Chronic Disease Specialist

      Why Choose Us?

      We are a team of highly qualified dietitians, who regularly complete ongoing professional development in areas such as PCOS, diet and health.

      We also develop knowledge and training on how PCOS can influence mental health, such as mood changes and increased rates of anxiety.

      Within our team, our PCOS experts have received fantastic feedback & testimonials (see below for some of our recent reviews).

      Changing your diet and lifestyle can have a huge impact on your health outcomes and quality of life. We will ensure that you make the changes that are necessary, in a safe and sustainable way.

      It is easy for people to become too restrictive or follow extreme plans when making dietary changes related to PCOS. With our team of PCOS dietitians, you can rest assured that no foods are prohibited or banned, and the aim is to be able to enjoy the dietary and lifestyle changes we recommend, for the rest of your life.

      All our dietitians are all registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) and the British Dietetic Association (BDA).  This ensure that our team members adhere to strict standards of practice and ethics.

      Our Happy Customers

      I approached Dietician Fit as I wanted help in achieving sustainable weight loss while dealing with PCOS. I started working with Reema in May of this year and she has been excellent. She firstly took the time to fully understand my goals, before clearly explaining the role diet plays in PCOS. From this, we have worked together to develop a dietary template tailored to my needs. She has been on hand throughout to offer support and guidance, suggesting modifications to my diet as needed to work with my lifestyle. I have lost 10 kg so far, and feel well-equipped to continue my weight loss journey thanks to the knowledge I have gained and the lifestyle modifications I have made.


      Thank you for the personalised meal guide Maia, I have ovulated for the first time in months. You are amazing, thank you!


      I suffered with PCOS for years, couldn’t lose weight, couldn’t get pregnant. I have worked with Dietitian Fit for over 6 months now, I lost 10kg, and I just found out that I am pregnant last week!!! Thank you so much Maia, you have changed my life!


        Our Locations in the UK

        PCOS dietitian and nutritionists in London

        Harley Street Clinic

        17 Cavendish Square
        W1G 0PH


        7 Craven Park Road
        London NW10 8SE


        Each of our PCOS dietitians have a minimum of a BSc in Nutrition and dietetics. They may also have additional qualifications such as Masters or postgraduate degrees. The dietitians undergo further learning specific to PCOS and dietary management.

        The two terms can often be used interchangeably, but a PCOS nutritionist may not be a qualified PCOS dietitian. A nutritionist can look at diet and lifestyle management, but a PCOS dietitian is trained and qualified to also support with health conditions related to PCOS such as diabetes and high cholesterol, unlike nutritionists.

        A PCOS nutritionist will have the understanding of specific changes that can be made to support with the health condition, especially around insulin resistance and improving fertility and ovulation. The PCOS nutritionist can make tailored diet advice based on your current lifestyle, in the aim to improve your PCOS condition.

        Yes, weight loss can be a consideration that is explored when working with a PCOS nutritionist. This may be by education on specific diets, portion sizes, or foods to include more and less of, depending on your current lifestyle.

        Yes, improving PCOS symptoms does involve improving fertility and ovulation, which in turn can increase chances of pregnancy!

        We recommend every 2 weeks, to ensure consistency and frequent support with your PCOS nutritionist or dietitian.

        No side effects, unless you decide to make too many changes at once which can be unsustainable and miserable! This is where working with a PCOS nutritionist or dietitian is key, to ensure safe changes are made in an agreed manner.

        You will be asked several detailed questions about your current diet and lifestyle, so it is helpful to write down your dietary intake to help with memory, as well as any medications or supplements you currently take.

        Typically, improvements can be seen within a month of working with a specialist. However, it can often take at least 3 months, due to the steady nature of the changes, to ensure sustained and long term success.




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