We offer you a sustainable and healthy weight loss strategy. We promise you that you will feel at your best physically and mentally!

Our weight loss nutritionist and dietitian experts have the highest qualification in nutrition and our strategies are based on strong scientific evidence. We will make you fall in love with your new body and lifestyle for good!

Dietitian Support

Dietitian Support

All consultations are conducted by weight loss dietitians.



For the best results, we focus on what has been strongly proven to work.

Personalised Advice

Personalised Advice

Our approach is tailored to each individual.

Support in Your Pocket

Support in Your Pocket

Communicate with your dietitian at any time through our mobile App

Zero Diet

Zero Diet

Lose weight without dieting!

Sustainable Results

Sustainable Results

We offer you a sustainable and healthy weight loss solution

Why Choose Our Programmes

*Dietitians have the highest qualification in nutrition compared to all other nutrition experts and they are the only one that provide science evidenced based advices.

How does it work?

A Better Approach to Weight Loss

At the initial consultation (duration of 1 hour), you will discuss with your weight loss dietitian about your barriers to weight loss, reasons of weight gain and past history of diets and attempts to lose weight. This is to personalize our approach to the person you are. Your dietitian will calculate your basal metabolism and teach you how to eat according to your body needs. You will establish a plan together for the next few months to reach your goals. 

Follow-up sessions: you will see your dietitian every week or every other week, and these follow-up sessions are to work on other spheres of weight loss such as emotional eating (ie. Eating out of boredom, tiredness or stress), eating on the go, eating in restaurants or on holiday so that you create better habits both mentally and physically. Whatever barriers to weight loss you have, your dietitian will find a solution so that you reach your weight loss goals efficiently and permanently.  

Diet-Free Weight Loss

Most diets fail to work in the long-term as they are not sustainable and once the diet period is over, you most likely to go back to eating the types of food that caused the weight problem in the first place. Our weight loss nutritionists have a zero-diet approach and focus on healthy and enjoyable sustainable lifestyle changes based on your preferences and what your body needs. This way, there is absolutely no reason to go back to the old eating habits and put back the weight on.

Keeping You Motivated and supporting you at every stage…

Our weight loss dietitians are expert at inspiring and motivating you and keeping you zeroed in on the big picture. An important part of our commitment to our clients is providing you robust support throughout your journey to make sure you stay on track with any type of challenge you may face.

What to Expect?

Average results of our clients in 3 months

4 kg
Weight loss

3 cm

Waist circumference

50 %

Energy level

Getting Back in Shape After Lockdown

The past year has been hard on everyone. Especially those trying to lose weight or trying to keep the weight off that they lost prior to covid-19. Being stuck at home for long periods of time, unable to get to the gym, ordering takeaway food that may or may not be all that healthy, and stress-related eating have caused many people to suffer setbacks to their diet and nutrition goals.

Our weight loss dietitians have already helped many of you to get back in shape. If you haven’t done anything yet to get back on track, it is never too late, our weight loss nutritionists are here to help you!


Our weight loss dietitians / nutritionists can offer you a safe, healthy and sustainable solution. Supervised by our university-educated nutritionists,  you will follow a customised programme tailored to meet your specific objectives and goals.

Fine Tuning Programme

1 Month
  • good weight loss kick-start

VIP Wellness Programme

3 Months
  • average weight loss of 6-10kg

Lighten Up Programme

6 Months
  • average weight loss of 10kg & more

1-Off Session
  • We offer a 1-off session for those who are not sure of which programme to choose. Your dietitian will help you find the right one for you. The value of this session will then be discounted from the programme chosen.

For our Harley Street and Harlesden London clinics:

*Prices differ for these clinics

Start Your Journey to Better Health Today

People are often reluctant to try and lose weight because they are secretly convinced that they will fail. When you work with weight loss dietitians at Dietitian Fit, we will help you understand how nutrition impacts weight and overall health and how a few basic changes can make an enormous difference. Perhaps most importantly, we will relieve you of the burden of having to start another diet and guide you in the right direction once and for all.

The fitter, more confident you that’s been bottled up inside is ready to emerge. Our weight loss nutritionists are here to help you make that happen. Finally a smart investment on you and your health for permanent and sustainable weight loss results.

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