It seems like not a day goes by without a new FAD diet sweeping the nation, promising rapid weight loss and a healthier lifestyle. Just as quickly these diets seem to disappear.

The truth about healthy eating, however, is that trying to offer a diet that works for every single person is simply not going to work, as reported by New Scientist recently but something clear to online dieticians across the world.

Why is this? There are a few reasons that we have seen as to why certain prescriptive diets just do not work.

Everybody Responds to Foods Differently

There are plenty of foods that are rich in certain nutrients that diet makers latch onto as foods that should be part of everyone’s diet. However, because our bodies react to food in effectively unique ways, not every superfood is best for every person.

This also works the other way around. There are certain foods that can be considered unhealthy, like white bread, which for certain people have a lot of health benefits.

The best way to work is to target foods that are beneficial to individuals and create personalised diet plans.

Many Diets Rely on Questionable Science

Targeted diet plans and working with nutrition experts are usually the best way to guarantee sustainable, healthy weight loss that lasts.

Many one-size-fits-all diets rely on scientific principles that are somewhat suspect at best. After all, we have seen diets in the past where you sleep to avoid eating, diets where complex carbohydrates and proteins are banned in the same meal, and diets where you eat meats and fat instead of carbohydrates based on dubious scientific reasoning.

Ultimately, it is best to ask an online expert in nutrition and set up a more personalised diet plan based on sound nutritional principles.

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