TRIP is a cannabidiol (CBD) brand, launched in the UK in 2019 offering a range of drinks that provide a source of CBD and adaptogens. Alongside the CBD-infused drinks, they also offer CBD oils and CBD-infused cold brew coffee. CBD is non-psychoactive, and claims to offer a feeling of calmness, improving tiredness, creativity, anxiety and productivity levels. We will look closely into the products to provide a detailed TRIP drink review, if it is something worth buying, how do they taste, who is it safe for, and what is the effect on the body.

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What are TRIP drinks?

TRIP is a brand of drinks that provide a source of CBD. This is the non-psychoactive compound found in hemp plants, and unlike the active compound tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), it doesn’t get you high. The TRIP drinks are produced in the UK, and the CBD is derived from hemp. According to the TRIP website, all products are third party tested to ensure they are THC free and of high quality and purity. The drinks come in a range of flavours, including elderflower & mint, peach & ginger and lemon basil, as well as a cold brew coffee drink, and a ‘Calm Down’ CBD drink, which is a raspberry and orange blossom flavour. All of the TRIP CBD is vegan, gluten free and palm oil free. 

TRIP drink can

Do CBD TRIP drinks do anything?

TRIP drinks are infused with CBD, which is the non-psychoactive part of the hemp plant. They will not make the drinker ‘high’ but it can make the drinker feel more balanced and calm. This can typically take around 20 minutes to feel after the drink has been consumed, though the effects can differ from person to person. CBD itself can promote a sense of calmness and relaxation, which may help to better manage stress and anxiety. CBD-infused drinks may also improve sleep quality, due to the relaxation properties of the drinks. One study from 2019 showed that CBD improved sleep and anxiety in those who consumed CBD for a month.

How does TRIP drink make you feel?

The properties of TRIP largely come from the CBD it contains. Although CBD is part of the cannabis plant, it does not contain any psychoactive properties, such of that of THC, which is a different compound. Instead, CBD is meant to help the drinker to unwind and relax, without the feeling of getting ‘high’.

CBD can help you to relax and unwind, allowing your body to find balance. Unlike with THC, you won’t experience physical or mental impairment and it won’t get you high. The length of time it takes for CBD to take effect is likely to be different from person to person and varies based on the individual. For instance, an individual’s metabolism, diet, weight and genetics could play a role in the period of time it takes for CBD to come into effect. However, CBD generally gets to work quite quickly, and it can take as little as 15 minutes for you to feel more like yourself.

How long do TRIP drinks take to work?

The length of time it takes for the TRIP drinks to work can vary from person to person for a number of factors. This includes the persons age, weight, metabolism and diet, as well as genetics. On average, the effect from CBD drinks can be felt within 15-20 minutes, and can last for up to 4 hours. Compared to consuming foods with CBD, which can take up to an hour for any effects to be felt, and can last for up to 6 hours after ingestion. 

What are the ingredients of trip drink?

The ingredients of the Peach and Ginger TRIP drink includes:
Sparkling water
Fruit Juices from concentrate 23%, (peach 20%, passion fruit)
Flavour enhancer (erythritol)
Natural ginger flavour with other natural flavours
Botanical extracts (ginger, ginseng, turmeric, lemon balm, chamomile)
Acid (citric acid)
L- theanine
CBD Extract (soya) (6mg/100ml)

The ingredients of the Elderflower Mint TRIP drink includes:
Sparkling water
Fruit juices from concentrate 27% (apple, grapefruit)
Flavour enhancer (Erythritol)
Botanical extracts (elderflower, mint, ginseng, lemon balm, chamomile)
L- theanine
CBD extract (soya) (6mg/100ml)
Acid (citric acid)
Sweetener (steviol glycosides from Stevia).

The ingredients of the Lemon Basil TRIP drink includes:
Sparkling water
Fruit juices from concentrate 17% (grape, lemon, 7%)
Flavour enhancer (erythritol)
Botanical extracts (ginseng, lemon balm, chamomile)
Natural flavours (lemon, lime, basil)
L- theanine
CBD extract (soya) (6mg/100ml)
Sweetener (steviol glycosides from Stevia)
Acid (citric acid).

The ingredients of the Calm Down TRIP drink includes:
Sparkling water
Fruit juices from concentrate 28% (apple, grape, guava, raspberry (2%))
Apple cider vinegar
Natural flavourings and botanical extracts (lemon balm, chamomile, ginseng, orange blossom)
Citric acid
Magnesium citrate
Favour enhancer (erythritol)
Natural sweetener (stevia glycosides)
L- theanine
CBD (25mg) (soya).

Some of the common ingredients include:
Fruit juices from concentrate – Fruit concentrate is produced from filtering the water out of fruit pulp, to give the drinks flavour. 
Flavour enhancer (erythritol) – A type of sugar alcohol, used to sweeten products without added sugar. Large consumption of erythritol can lead to digestive issues.
Botanical extracts – natural substances obtained from plants which may offer unique health properties
L-theanine – a type of amino acid that can help with stress management and sleep
CBD extract
Sweetener – for further flavour enhancement

TRIP drink ingredients

Are TRIP drinks alcohol free?

Yes, all TRIP drinks are alcohol free, with 0.0% ABV. No alcohol is used in the production of TRIP drinks.

How much CBD is in a TRIP drink?

There is 15mg of CBD in a 250ml can of TRIP drink. As CBD is not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), there is no official recommendation of how much CBD is safe to consume, or how much is needed to feel the claimed effects of CBD.

TRIP drink flavours

Elderflower Mint

This flavour provides a forward aroma of elderflower, with a tone of crisp and clean mint, to give a coolness. The elderflower is sweet and floral, but is balanced well with the zesty freshness of mint. 

Elderflower Mint TRIP

Peach & Ginger

The main flavour of this combination is the sweetness of ripe peach, combined with a lingering spicy heat from ginger. It is zesty and fiery, but the ripe sweetness of the peach balances out this spice level for a refreshing, crisp flavour to end with.

Peach ginger TRIP drink

Lemon Basil

The zesty flavour of lemon has been paired with the aromatic earthiness of basil, to provide a refreshing drink. It has a citrusy aroma, also providing herbaceous scents of basil. The tartness of the lemon is balanced by the sweet and peppery flavour of basil, making it a crisp, light and refreshing flavour.

Lemon basil TRIP drink

Cold Brew Coffee

This is a CBD infused coffee drink, containing only three ingredients: Water, coffee & CBD extract (6mg/100ml) – a total of 15mg CBD per 250ml coffee can. It is dairy-free, gluten-free, vegan and contains no added sugar or sweeteners. It claims to provide a caffeine hit, but due to the inclusion of CBD, will not give the jittery feeling associated with drinking coffee.

TRIP cold coffee

Calm Down

This is a raspberry orange blossom flavoured CBD drink, best served ice cold. It is made from a mix of fruit concentrates as well as the addition of magnesium for relaxation and apple cider vinegar for it’s antimicrobial properties.

TRIP Calm Down

Advantages of TRIP drinks

  • Can help you unwind without the hangover feeling, as it contains no alcohol
  • Good alternative drink choice for reducing alcohol intake
  • Provides a source of botanicals that are said to be calming and relaxing
  • The adaptogens contained in TRIP drinks can help with productivity
  • Very low calorie drink, with under 21 calories per can and 0g sugar
  • There are a range of flavours, including a combined CBD and caffeine drink to avoid the unpleasant side effects that some people can suffer with when drinking coffee

Disadvantages of TRIP drinks

  • May not provide the sought after effect. For some, the drinks do not provide a sense of relaxation or calmness.
  • Effects may be from a placebo effect, and can be short lasting
  • Taste may not be to everyone’s preference
  • Sweeteners are used, which for some can irritate the gut
  • At an average price of £2.10 per can, they can be seen as costly if consuming often



    May help relax without hangover May not provide the relaxation feeling to all who try it
    Good non-alcoholic alternative Effects may be placebo and short lasting
    Low calorie, no added sugar Contains sweeteners, which not everyone may agree with
    A range of flavours available Flavours are not to everyone’s taste

Possible TRIP drink side effects

Although CBD is generally well tolerated, it can be a case of trial and error to find out what dose suits you as an individual the best. Side effects often come from too high of a dose for your body. Some of the common side effects can include:

  • Diarrhoea
  • Mood changes
  • Anxiety
  • Changes in appetite
  • Dizziness and drowsiness
  • Nausea
  • Dry mouth
  • Gastrointestinal issues

If you believe you are experiencing any of these side effects, we recommend stopping consuming of TRIP and any other CBD containing products. The FDA recommends not exceeding a dose of more than 70mg CBD per day.

TRIP drink price

The price of TRIP drinks can vary, depending on where they are purchased, and if you are buying a bundle of drinks at once.

For example, an individual can is priced around £2.10 each, or a bundle of 4 for £6.50. If you buy a bundle of 12 from the TRIP website, this would be £24. However, if you want to buy a 24 or 48 pack, they offer a subscribe and save offer, where you can choose a regular delivery of TRIP drinks, giving you a 42% discount. For example, a regular 24 pack case is £48, but if you subscribe and save, this will cost just £31.

When is it best time to consume a TRIP drink?

According to the website, TRIP can be consumed at any time of the day. Ideally when you want to feel calm, so this can be first thing in the morning to start the day, or could be to unwind in the evening after a stressful day. You can even enjoy a TRIP drink during the afternoon, to possibly help with better mood and overall productivity.

Are TRIP drinks safe?

Yes, according to the World Health Organisation, there is no evidence that pure CBD intake leads to public health related problems. CBD itself is unlikely to impair daily functioning, and is safe. However, higher than tolerated quantities can lead to unpleasant side effects for some, as described above.

CBD itself can effectively treat certain types of childhood epilepsy syndromes, especially when not responding to traditional antiseizure medications. In some studies, CBD was able to reduce and even stop seizures altogether.
Consumption of high levels of CBD can increase blood thinning, so it is important to be aware of consuming CBD if you are taking any blood thinner medication, as well as an anti-epileptic or immunosuppressant medication. Because CBD products are sold as supplements and not medications, it is not regulated under the FDA, as medications are.

Precautions of drinking TRIP beverages

There are some cases where it would not be advisable to consume CBD products such as TRIP drinks. For example:

  • If you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Although CBD has not been fully researched in pregnant women, it is known that CBD does pass through the placenta, and this may have unknown risks to the developing foetus.
  • If you have liver disease. As CBD can increase certain liver enzymes, which can lead to liver inflammation.
  • Do not take with alcohol. Consuming CBD products alongside alcohol can cause excessive drowsiness.

Is TRIP drink safe for children?

No, TRIP is not safe for children, as the effect of TRIP have not been extensively researched with children, and therefore it is not advised as a drink to give to children. CBD itself has not been tested extensively for it’s safety and effectiveness, especially in children, so there is no definitive answer if CBD is safe for children.

Although there is some research around how CBD may help with seizure control, which may be then applied to children with seizures, it is not something we would recommend, unless closely monitored by a registered health professional.

Is TRIP drink legal in the UK?

CBD is a legal substance in the UK, as long as the THC concentration does not exceed 0.2%. TRIP does not contain this level of THC, and is therefore safe and legal. It is sold in many supermarkets and retailers across the UK!

Can you drive after a TRIP drink?

Yes – CBD is not a controlled substance and therefore drinking TRIP and then driving is legal. CBD is a non-psychotropic compound, meaning it does not get the user high, and is therefore not illegal. It is important that you use a trusted source of CBD, as some products may contain THC.

Online TRIP drink reviews

Some reviews have commented how the TRIP drinks are great alternatives to alcohol to help them relax and unwind, especially after a long day.

TRIP Positive Review

TRIP Positive Review

The subscription service seems to be popular as a better value for money offering for those who frequently buy direct from the TRIP website.

Positive TRIP Review

However, several reviews mention they felt no difference when consuming the TRIP drinks, even after several tries. Some have doubted that the amount and quality of CBD in one drink is not enough, and there is no evidence on the website on how the CBD content is verified through third party testing. Many reviews comment that the cost cannot justify the product, especially if nothing was felt for them after consuming the drinks.

Negative TRIP review

Negative TRIP review

Are TRIP drinks worth it?

The TRIP drinks can be a great way to help reduce alcohol intake, or have another alterative soft drink, which is low in sugar and easily found in most supermarkets. It can be a refreshing change to just plain water, and for some, it may provide a sense of calmness, and help to improve levels of anxiety. However, for many, the desired outcomes may not be felt, and this may be due to the small doses of CBD found in the TRIP drinks.

Therefore, it is something you can give a try if you would like support with any anxiety or stress management, though we would instead recommend regular support from a private dietitian to ensure you are seeing positive outcomes with better managing any health concerns, in relation to stress and anxiety. This way, we can ensure you are changing your lifestyle for the better, without the risk of developing any side effects of consuming higher levels of CBD overall.

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