Isabella Alfonso

Registered Dietitian, BSc, MSc

I’m Isabella, born into a family of restaurateurs and growing up in the culturally diverse city of Singapore, I have always been exposed to people that share my passion for tasty, nutritious, and good quality food. 

Since graduating from my undergraduate degree I have had clinical experience with patients for the last two years working in weight management companies and Band 5 and 6 community dietetic roles within the NHS. Alongside my clinical work, I have had the opportunity to conduct sport specific consultations, allowing me to work with a youth athlete that competed in the Speedo National Swimmer Meet, Essex Womens and Girls RFU players as well as being able to provide tailored nutritional advice for a client preparing for two half marathons within a year, despite never having competed before. Growing up participating in team sports myself, I truly appreciate the passion and dedication players have for their sport. Working in a clinical setting in the NHS alongside my work with athletes, I have been able to develop a broad scope of clinical application to my nutritional knowledge in areas of weight management, gut health, oral nutrition support and sports nutrition. 
I’m a registered dietitian and member of the Health & Care Professions Council (HCPC), the British Dietetic Association (BDA) and a sports and exercise nutrition graduate registrant (SENr). Through my profession I hope to motivate and inspire even more people to share my passion for nutrition and leading a healthier lifestyle.


  • Masters in Nutrition & Dietetics from the University of Nottingham 
  • postgraduate Master of Science in Sports and Exercise Nutrition (SEN) from the University of Westminster

Isabella’s Specialties

  • Sports Nutrition
  • Weight management
  • IBS

What my clients say

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