Since their release in 2014, Peloton bikes have been part of a cutting-edge technology of interactive home workouts. Starting from high spec stationary bikes connected via WIFI and moving into the development of classes that include treadmill, meditation, yoga and even bootcamp style, the Peloton sounds like it has it all, right? In this article, we break down some of the pros and cons of owning and using a Peloton bike, for your health and lifestyle. Is it worth it? Read on our Peloton review to find out!



Accessing the bike from the comfort of your home, meaning no more travel time to gym or classes, and you can work out any time you want to! This is great for those with busy schedules who find it difficult to commit to gym opening times or class timetables.

Plenty of exercise modes

Not only is the traditional Peloton app used for cycling, it also has features that include treadmill classes, outdoor running, bootcamp, strength, yoga and meditation. Giving anyone a huge range and variety of choice to pick from. This is useful for people who want to focus on a well-rounded exercise routine and not just on one area of their fitness.

Many of their classes such as the dancing, yoga and body weight strength require no extra equipment, which means you can enjoy the variety without additional purchase.

Interactive workouts

The classes are carried out by highly motivational and energetic instructors, with great music! These are both on demand and live, meaning people can also participate in real-time competition with other Peloton users, which can help create some friendly (or not so friendly!) competition.

Personalised to you

Even if there are multiple people using the Peloton, individual accounts can be created without paying for additional membership fees. Using the large screen, you can track your progress, monitor heart rate, calories burnt and power output. You can also compare this to others and customise your workouts to help challenge yourself and progress.



High starting cost

The bike and screen itself start from £1,345 (price as of June 2023) (2) for the basic range, and can go up to £2,300 for the bike ultimate package (3), that includes both cardio and strength functions and comes with different accessories. Those numbers give quite a high starting cost when considering buying the Peloton!


Ongoing costs

Not only is there the price for the bike and accessories, but you will need to pay an ongoing subscription cost to access the digital membership. However, the membership is the same for the entire household, and not an individual payment. There is a 30 day free trial, at which after a membership needs to be purchased to access classes. Memberships range depending on if you are using just the bike feature, or also the strength, cardio, Pilates, yoga, outdoor walking/running and stretching programmes. You will need to have weights to participate in the strength classes, and a treadmill to do the running classes.

Prices start at £12.99 per month for the most basic subscription. There is a free version of the app, but this includes a very limited number of pre-selected classes for a limited time.
We should also mention that you need to buy cycling shoes that are compatible with the Peloton bike.

Lose out on social interactions

Although there may be a sense of an online community with leader boards, shoutouts and virtual ‘high-fives’, the Peloton lacks the social interactions found in traditional group fitness classes, which may suit some people more. The instructor is not really there, so no one is able to correct your form for certain exercises, which can be an issue if you are inexperienced or unaware.


What do we think overall? A dietitian’s true Peloton review 

If you find that time and convenience is a large barrier to you not regularly exercising, then we think the Peloton could be a great investment to make. It provides varied and engaging workouts that can be done any time to suit you. But with the high initial and ongoing costs, it’s an investment that only you can decide is worth going for or not, depending on how it aligns with your budget and fitness goals.

Whatever you choose, any form of regular exercise alongside a varied balanced diet is very important to maintain a healthy lifestyle!


By Reema Patel, Registered Dietitian at Dietitian Fit & Co


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